Which lasts longer, a human hair wig or a synthetic wig ?

Synthetic hair wig was made by synthetic, fiber etc.


Human hair wig was made by real human hair.


Which one will last longer ? So we need to compared with these two types wig.




From texture, human hair wig was made by human hair, the composition of human hair is protein. Synthetic wig was made by polyester. The hair’s life more than synthetic.


From feel, human hair feels more soft, comfortable. Most of synthetic hair feels hard.


From use frequency. I know some customers’ wig can be used about 10 months. If take good care, the wig can be used more than 1 - 2 years.  Synthetic.  Some synthetic hair wig customer purchase synthetic wig 1 time/month even the seller tell them the lifespan is 1 year.


From style. Real human hair wig can be style by hair stylist. If you purchase a silk straight human hair wig, you could change a body wave style, curly style. The plasticity of human hair wig is pretty good. But synthetic hair wig can’t be changed another hair style. If you want body wave style, you need to buy a synthetic hair wig, if you prefer curly style, you need to buy a curly style synthetic wig.


Obviously, the lifespan of human hair wig is longer than synthetic hair wig. But synthetic hair wig also exist many advantages. You could check this article to know difference between human hair wig and synthetic wig.

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