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Queen Hairly

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I feel like its been forever and a half since I posted my last review, but I’m back now, with more content and reviews, so I should be consistent from now on >>LOL<<


I got a wig for my baby sister for a school dance (which I will post about next),which I became so obsessed with. So I decided that I needed to get my own wig that matched the quality, touch and feel of hers. Cue in Queen Hairly, which is a brand I found off of Instagram.

About Queen Hairly

As I mentioned I found them on Instagram (@queenhairly). Queen Hairly is an online hair distributor, which delivers hair worldwide. They sell wigs, weaves, closures and frontals.

You can check out their website at www.queenhairly.com to see more of what they offer.


I purchased two 20″ and a 22″ as well as an 18″ frontal of their “Beautiful High Quality Silk Straight Human Hair Wefts with Frontal”. This is a Brazilian hair texture.

You can click here to check it out.


Customer relation

4 . 5 S T A R

The person that I spoke to through Instagram direct messages responded to my messages within minutes, which helped make the purchasing process so much easier. They were also super friendly and helpful.


4 . 5 S T A R

The total price for this hair was $207.99, which translated to about R2800 at the time that I purchased it. The inner economic in me tried to get this hair when the Rand was doing stronger, but it didn’t really work out for me.

I really think that this price is somewhat reasonable though, considering the fact that this hair length is pretty long, and that I got a lace frontal and not a closure.


3 . 5 S T A R

It took about 4 days for the hair to get to me, which is pretty decent, especially considering the fact that the hair was delivered from overseas.

It’s also important to note that the delivery cost was $20, which was about R280. This is more than I’m used to, but considering that it was an overseas delivery, I’m not mad.


4 S T A R

There is some shedding, but it is less than I’m used. I’m really happy with how well it holds up.


5 S T A R

This hair is SSSOO SOFT!! I’m obsessed and in love, it’s so crazy! I touch the hair so often just to check and make sure that it’s still soft!! And this is after washing the hair! This is mainly because the hair is finer than other textures.

So just to summarize, I love the texture.


4 S T A R

The frontal is a 130% dense frontal, and the bundles are each about 100g.

These are the average densities, which we should be getting.

The bundles length were about an inch or 2 longer than I purchased, which I was definitely not mad about, because I had planned on trimming the hair to give the wig a more blunt look, and I ended up not losing much length when I did that.


4 S T A R

I’m not sure what type of lace was used to make their frontals, but it is softer than some frontals I have encountered, and as a result the lace isn’t as visible, making it look more natural (which is what we want).

The lace colour was a light brown colour, so to make it match my skin tone, I tinted it (as usual).


5 S T A R

Each bundle and the frontal came in an individual plastic pack, which was all packaged in a box.

If you read my last post you would know that I really enjoy getting my hair in boxes as it is more convenient.

The box it came in was also really strong which I need, since I tend to move my wigs between res and home a lot.

Overall opinion:

4 S T A R

I definitely had a good experience with Queen Hairly and would buy from them again.

The only thing I would take note of is the delivery time especially if you need the hair ASAP, but otherwise I do think that it is a good brand to give a try.

Also, I have a Discount Code for you to use if you decide to try them out:
“South Africa”

If you do try them out please let me know how your experience was 
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Stay Blessed and Beautiful 

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